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Ellie. 110 Days New.


      I turned around during this session and Ellie's mommy was crying. I told her "GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!" She said "she is just so perfect."  Ellie is indeed so PERFECT. It took so much work to get to hold her on our arms. So many prayers, needles, losses, disappointments, and oddly enough- joyful moments. 

You see,

    The Peeler family tried for so long to have another baby after they had their first beautiful girl, Jenna. After some help, they finally got pregnant... with TWINS! Jack & Evi were born at 23 weeks. Jack met Jesus the same day he was born. Evi followed her brother to meet Jesus a few days later. That is when I met the Peeler family.

    I walked into a hospital room to photograph this devastating moment in their lives. To hold these TINY babies who wouldn't be leaving in carseats, or be going home with their parents. I met two parents who had no idea which way to turn- as their lives were completely upside down. I grieved with them and they didn't even know it.

    I met them later, on Jack & Evi's due date to photograph a balloon release at their grave. It was so awesome to see, but so hard to endure.

    A few months later I met with them to start their journey of adoption. They had decided to open their hearts up to another child in a different way. We did a session to get some shots of their family of 3.

   Not long after that..... they decided to try again. They knew they were meant to raise another baby. They knew they could be faced with total devastation again and they chose to let go of that fear.

    THEN... they got pregnant. I met with them to do an announcement session. I was over the moon, and they even told me it was a GIRL! A sweet baby girl.

    When she was only 27 weeks pregnant... Ashley gave birth to a beautiful 2 pound baby girl. 

    Ellie spent 99 days in the NICU. During that time she was diagnosed with Mosaic Down syndrome. After receiving a G tube, Ellie was able to come home from the NICU!

    A week later, I had the most beautiful, joyful, and TIRED family of 4 in front of my camera. I looked at them through the lens and just caught myself realizing.... I was not ever sure we would be here. I didn't know how their journey would end as they were trying to grow their family. 

    This week, I had Ellie in front of my camera at 110 days old. Not your typical posed newborn session, but one I was overjoyed about even having. I realized multiple times during our session that I was never sure I would be photographing this new member of the Peeler family. I thought to myself so many times "Ellie, you are such a MIRACLE! you are so perfect!" Her momma didn't know that. So as soon as I turned around to see her crying and saying how perfect Ellie is- I knew we had finally reached that point. That full circle point, where I had been with this family through their lowest lows and their highest highs. A level of satisfaction I cannot explain. A level of gratitude and respect for this job I didn't realize I had. To not only witness these emotional moments but to capture them. 

    As you walk into the Peeler house, photos of Jack & Evi are in the living room. As you walk down the hall, photos of the Peeler family are hanging up. Now, as you walk through their house you will be able to see their journey. Meet, Eleanor "Ellie" Grace.

The OFFICIAL newest member of the Peeler family!~


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