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The Reasons Why: Latest Work


After knowing Katie for many years she came to me about shooting her maternity session. We shot the session and it went GREAT! Only, I didn't go great on my end. After a crashed computer and a failed memory card, somehow the photos were lost! We arranged another session in which went great, once again, and ended up with some fantastic shots. A few months after she and Cody had their precious baby boy, Kason, we shot another session- their ENGAGEMENT! With Kason wearing the cutest onesie the family of 3 nailed the session and we continued our relationship as photographer and client as well as friends. Not long after we shot their engagement session, Cody was in an accident that took his life. From that point forward he wasn't going to be in any of Kason's pictures which hit me in a way that I couldn't understand. Throughout the remainder of his first year package Katie and I both struggled to make it through the sessions and it was on during one of his sessions I realized I could give him a gift that no one else could. I could let him know that we knew his daddy was there with him. After much anticipation, I returned this photo to Katie and Kason. Although Cody can't be here to raise his boy, this photo is one he can keep forever.

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Picture Perfect

Having this business for almost 7 years has allowed me to meet so many people! A lot of those people are small, bald, and poop on themselves when I meet them but the glorious part about this being my job is I get to watch them GROW! I have completed over 150 first year packages, and I've only been offering them for 5 of the 7 years I have been in business. Watching these children grow, and their level of comfort when they get in front of my camera is worth it all.

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"photographer to angels"

In 2018, I walked into a hospital room on the labor and delivery floor of the hospital. This session wasn't a fresh 48 like most of my hospital visits. This session captured a family who were grieving the loss of their precious twins. This session has held a special spot in my heart. This became the day I developed a friendship with this family, and felt their heartache, heartbreak, and defeat. These two beautiful babies, whose bodies were only a pound, helped me understand so much more about what I do and why I do it. I was able to give this family memories. I was able to give the family the only photo of their family of five, and for that I am forever grateful. I am a photographer to you here on earth, but I am also a photographer to angels.

The Reasons Why: About Us
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