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Ellie Comes Home!


After 99 days in the NICU, Ellie finally got to come home. I was so excited to get her in front of my camera. I couldn't wait to capture this family with their new baby. After all, Ellie is such a miracle! I knew this session would be special but I didn't know that I would be able to witness the most precious bond between sisters. Jenna is a remarkable big sister and obviously Ellie knew that from the moment she met her. Throughout our session I noticed Ellie would immediately calm down at the sound of Jenna's voice or the touch of her hand. Ellie would gaze at Jenna with the sweetest looks, almost like she was saying "wait until I get bigger, were going to play and drive our parents crazy!" I was so grateful to be able to capture these memories of these precious sisters.

Take a peek at these sweet shots from Ellie's lifestyle session, and peep Jack & Evi's bears in the last image!

Stay tuned for more of Ellie!


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