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Waiting on Baby McGlumphy.


Emily and Peter were some of my very first clients years ago. They may not know it but I was a nervous wreck during our first session. Luckily there was such a breeze to work with. Back then they were just dating, but not long after they asked me to shoot their wedding! I turned it down because I didn't think I was ready and I thought for sure I had lost a client by turning them down. When they had their first baby, Aiden, they didn't live local so I didn't get to capture those moments for them but now with their second sweet baby I was ecstatic to get them in front of my camera! I am so thankful for relationships with clients like the one I have with this family, and thankful they have grown with me as a photographer and business owner. There is never enough time and always too much behind the scene action with them, which I love! I can't wait to meet their new baby girl and see them become a family of FOUR!


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