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Fall Mini's: BLOOPERS


Lets face it. Trying to get children to sit down and be still long enough for photos is a joke. This years fall mini sessions were nothing short of that. There is so much more that goes on during a session than what I post, so sometimes once I show you the final product I forget to share the funny moments. Even though everyone had great sessions there are always some moments that just stick with me throughout the day and make me laugh. Every photo can't be perfect- but in this case- even the bloopers are great.

Cam decided to spit up mid family shot and Ryann almost fell over. Everyone else thought it was hilarious but she was gagging the entire time!

Easton decided that this day he in fact did not like pumpkins.

Followed by a few funny faces from Owen, Nixon, Kason, and Harper, check out the moment a bug flew into Kylors face!

Not to mention Lennox deciding to channel his inner gangster in the last photo!

Stay tuned to the see the final shots from Fall Mini Sessions on the next blog!


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