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"Love Makes A Family"

I met Ashley, Coty, & Jenna on July 1 of this year. It's a day I won't forget! Their sweet faces will forever be etched into my brain as I walked into the hospital room to capture a journey of hardship they were enduring. At 23 weeks, Ashley gave birth to two beautiful babies. A boy, Jack, and girl, Evi. They were perfect and had the most perfect family surrounding them. The Lord called Jack and Evi home with him after a very short time here on earth. During this time, I could see the hurt in Ashley & Coty's eyes but I could also see the determination they had. Now, at the beginning of September, with God guiding their hearts- The Peeler family has decided to.... ADOPT!

When Ashley asked me to do some shots for their adoption profile I was ecstatic! I couldn't wait. Knowing the pain their hearts have suffered through and knowing they are willing to open theirselves up again is such an exciting thing, and something I couldn't wait to be a part of. We were able to schedule something the next morning and get these photos underway. Ashley and Coty have taught me so much in the times I have been able to work with them. They are so caring, funny, and easy going. They are great parents to Jenna, who is the sweetest little lady I have ever met, (I won't tell you the part where she had a sassy attitude the morning of these photos and ended up cheesing her way up to a great mood, LOL.) I cannot wait to see the love they will shed on the newest blessing of their family, when that time arrives, and see the love the receive. The process of looking for a birth mother has officially started. If you or someone you know is looking into adoption, please check out my amazing friends Ashley & Coty. For more information on how to contact them, please message me or look for their facebook pages. (I'll try to post a link and keep everyone updated.)

Please pray for Ashley, Coty, & Jenna as they take on this journey of expanding their family. Please pray for the birth mother that will hopefully find them sooner than later, that she is able to see the good, strong, loving, family that they are and chooses to let them raise another great child! Feel free to share this link.

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