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70 & Sassy

A few years ago some of my very close friends and family had a discussion that we were going to do something EPIC for my dad's 70th birthday. We didn't have a clue how we were going to make it so special but we knew he deserved something remarkable.

At the start of 2018, we began putting our ideas together and decided to surprise him at his home with a ton of friends- basically, family- and have a few days to put in the books. It all started with a few friends showing up at the house next door and a few more after that. As my dad and his friends were laying on the beach, we showed up with his BIG gift. You see, living at the beach sometimes you just need a golf cart to get around. So thats exactly what we got him! A shiny red golf cart with nothing short of fancy rims, rear view mirrors, and a stereo with lights! As the day went on I had some of the friends distract him inside the house while we went to work.

It took weeks of planning. Ordering cakes, making shirts, buying decorations, coming up with ways to plot our idea trying to keep him in the dark... It didn't take us long to set it up thanks for a very sweet lady whom I have the privilege of calling a good friend. We made the phone call to drag him out to the beach (after a few tequila shots to warm him up). And here it was... One of the big moments we had planned for his birthday retreat. A CAKESMASH!


He couldn't believe it and I couldn't believe he played along so well! Jumping right into the chair and digging in the the cake. See he's pretty much a professional when it comes to cake smash sessions because I send him shots of all of my sessions. He knew exactly what to do!



He even let some of his life long buddies join in on the fun!


Needless to say, he NAILED it! After getting all cleaned up, which he of course had a lot to say about how hard it was to get the icing out of his beard, we went to dinner to surprise him at his favorite restaurant and another cake that he didn't have to smash. Although this was a few weeks ago I thought it would be a perfect blog post to let everyone know how to all went down and to show a few more photos than the ones I posted when it all went down. Keep on the look out next May for another epic birthday!

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