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Hyder Farm

Vinessa came to me wanting photos of all three of her children together on the farm their dad works and their family started years ago. I jumped on the opportunity. With a 9 year old, an (almost) 3 year old and a 3 month old things had the potential to get pretty crazy. So we started off slow, driving to a spot with a great view overlooking the peach orchards and the mountains. It was beautiful!

As the session went on we drove what they call the "white house". It is an old house, half falling apart and half as beautiful as can be with decades and decades of family stories and peaches surrounding the area.

As we drove up you could hear the excitement coming from the backseat, as their DADDY had been spotted. Working his daily life, I couldn't help myself but notice was a fantastic view of all things nature that surrounded his job and that these children had the opportunity to be a part of. Ending our session, as everyone did their job, a few shelves of peaches stored perfectly in their baskets ready for someones home and a fresh pie, sitting behind the house. Before they were loaded in the trucks, I got the kids to stand so perfectly in front of them and with just a few clicks came the most epic photo of the session.

A few Hyder kids with a few Hyder grown peaches.

Welcome to the South.

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